Diodio's Bon Vivant

Made in Italy


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Genuine Italian Leather Handbags & Accessories

Made In Italy

Bon Vivant Leisure

Fast & Fury Slows Down With Our Genuine Italian Leather Duffle Bag, Laptop Pouch And Cell Phone Sleeve!

Relax And Enjoy Your Bon Vivant Day!

Our Mission

Growth and Maturity

Growth and Maturity brings a symphony of customizations we call our “ Bon Vivant Spirit “ that means a person who is a connoisseur with refined taste in Diodio’s Italian Leather Backpacks.

Strike A Pose Bon Vivant Style !

Stone, Soul, Picnic

“ Bon Vivant “ is French which means one who lives well and enjoys life, traveling and creating eclectic picnics.

 In general we prefer the luxurious experiences.

Boss Of The Plains !

Diodio’s Bon Vivant.

Diodio’s Ebony Silk Scarf Loving Her Stetson Brim.

Ready, Set, Refresh !

Our trigger finger tote bag means business.

D.B.V. Wishes to Thank all the Customers who have Registered Accounts for our debut Women’s Luxury Handbags & Accessories.

“ Diodio’s Collection “ Made In Italy.

Stay Healthy, Resilient and Prosper.

The Best Is Yet To Come.

Ciao !

Super, Sonic, Soul !

Diodio’s, Made In Italy.

Crafted Weaved Sling/Handbag With Tasseled Zipper On Calfskin Leather Flap.

Diodio’s & Double ( DD ) In The Driver Seat.

Bon Vivant Style!

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About D.B.V

Our passion for women’s electic luxury handbags & accessories is second only to a Bee resting on it’s first flower to pollinate and produce honey! 

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