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Italian Craftmanship Embracing Women’s Handmade Custom Leather Handbags




Fast & Furious Slows Down

Relax And Enjoy Your Bon Vivant Day!

Destination Everywhere !

Diodios, Made In Italy

Ciao Bella!

Strike A Pose Bon Vivant Style !


“ Bon Vivant “ is French which means one who lives well and enjoys life, traveling and creating eclectic picnics.

 In general we prefer the luxurious experiences.

Boss Of The Plains !

Diodios Bon Vivant.

Diodios,100% Ebony Silk Twill Scarf Loving Her Stetson Brim.

LIONESS \ EN / Pursuite Of Perfection !

Diodios, Made In Italy!

Florence| Tuscany| Milano| Roma

Diodios & Double ( DD ) In The Driver Seat.

Bon Vivant Style!

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Exclusively Designed and Fabricated in Italy.

Diodios, 100% Silk Twill and Cashmere Scarfs.

Diodios, Made In Italy will soon be introducing our 100% Silk Twill and Cashmere Scarf lines for the 2024 Season.

We welcome your comments on the designs and will contact you via email for your participation.

Happy Holidays and Champagne Dreams.


Our Journey

Diodios passion for women’s eclectic luxury handbags & accessories is second only to a Bee resting on it’s first flower to pollinate and produce honey!

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