“ DIODIOS “ Bon Vivant, Founded by Johnny Dio 
                      Italiano Traduzione
“ DIODIOS “ Bon Vivant, Fondato Da “ Gianni Dio “
Our Journey is to Elevate, Innovate and Salute, Women’s Luxury Handbag Design & Fashion Accessories.
After research and du diligence our website was launched on Shopify featuring Women’s and Men’s Leather Handbags.
Encouraged by Mentors in Italy, we rebranded D.B.V. E-Commerce Platform into a  Online Boutique for Women’s Luxury Handbags “ DIODIOS “ in tradition with the worlds leading designers of iconic brands Made In Italy.
“ DIODIOS “ Made In Italy.
We are privileged to honor our clients expectations for handbag designs which embrace their “ bon vivant esprit de corps “ through expert craftsmanship utilizing the most exquisite materials in our handbags assembly stages to ensure high standards and quality you deserve.
           “ Almarion “  Made In Italy 
Synergy through creative designs embracing women’s custom leather handbags fuels the clients passion for high quality merchandise which elevates the pleasures of ownership and investment power.
Handcrafted, exquisitely fabricated by the finest designers and artisans sourcing the most prized leathers from Italys world renowned tanneries.
The investment power is notably embodied in the handbags present and future ageless longevity raising their real dollar value.
The key to any great investment in Women’s Luxury Handbags is to select the “ marquee “ which best mirrors your style and fashion savvy with an eye on emerging brands such as “DIODIOS “ to include in your collection.


“ Venice Italy ”

           “ Roma Italy                       


“ DIODIOS “ Credo: “ El Cobra ” 

Translation: Fidelity To Client Fulfillment.

Notably, info@diodios-italy.com welcomes Clients to share feedback, photos and videos of their purchases.

Our custom products are shipped internationally via UPS and delivered exclusively  through FedEX couriers to ensure your order arrives timely.

These principles represent “ El Cobra ” Fidelity To Client Fulfillment.

“ DIODIOS, Made In Italy “ your destination for Women’s Luxury Handbags & Accessories to enjoy throughout the years.

Thank you for allowing our Family of Designers & Craftsman to introduce ourselves.


Gianni Dio, CEO

DIODIOS, Made In Italy