Diodio’s Bon Vivant LLC, founded by Johnny Dio to innovate, manufacture and salute custom handbag design & fashion apparel.
After research and du diligence our website was launched on Shopify featuring genuine cowhide leather & canvas handbags.
Encouraged by mentors in Italy, we rebranded D.B.V. E-Commerce platform into a boutique for women’s luxury handbags and mens leather goods in tradition with the worlds leading designers of iconic brands Made In Italy.
D.B.V. Signature Collections:
(1) Diodio’s Bon Vivant Collection: Made In Italy: Luxury Handbags, Apparel & Accessories fabricated by the finest craftsman and artisans.
(2) Diodio’s Zavanella Collection: Premium Leather Handbags, Apparel  & Accessories with a cosmopolitan avant garde flare.
D.B.V. Introduction:
Our passion for eclectic handbags & apparel is second only to a Bee resting on it’s first flower to pollinate and produce honey! 

Growth & Maturity embodies a symphony of Bon Vivant customizations representing a vanguard of refined taste in Handbags and Apparel!

The most exquisite materials are used in the product assembly stages to insure high standards and quality you deserve. 

Diodio’s Bon Vivant | Made In Italy

           “ Florence Italy                      


D.B.V. Credo: “ El Cobra ” 

Translation: I am forever!

We are here for our customers to share feedback, photos and videos of their new D.B.V. purchases online or via email info@diodios.com

Our custom products are packaged, shipped and delivered with leading global international couriers UPS/DHL/Fed X/ notably to insure your order arrives timely.

These principles represent “ El Cobra ” fidelity to customer service forever!

Diodio’s Bon Vivant, your destination for Made In Italy; Luxury Handbags, Apparel & Accessories along with Diodio's Zavanella Collection of Premium Leather Handbags, Apparel & Avant Garde creations to enjoy throughout the years.

For telephone support U.S.A. Toll Free 1-800-455-5703.

Thank you for allowing our family of designers & craftsman to introduce ourselves.