Step ( 1 ) 

Start by brushing off the dry dust or grim. To make your cleaning more efficient, work a soft-bristled brush gently over the leather surface.

Step ( 2 ) Shack off any loose dust or lint from the leathers surface. Afterwards, remove any materials or debris from the leather bag and vigorously clean the interior.


Step ( 3 ) Prepare the cleaning solution. Make sure you have distilled water with 2-3 drops of baby shampoo or gentle hand soap in a jar and mix well.



Step ( 4 ) Transfer the cleaning solution to a spray bottle and apply to a lint free cloth.



Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly on the leather or saturating the cloth.


Step ( 5 ) Gently, apply cloth on the leather and remove all water residue until surface is dry.


Step ( 6 ) Apply leather gel as needed!